Friday, January 05, 2007

Jumpstart January for an Organized New Year

by Cynthia Townley Ewer

Editor, OrganizedHome.Com

Face it: it's January. Dreary weather is matched only by the dreariness of a house stripped of holiday decorations. Children slog unwillingly through the great dull stretch between New Year's Day and Spring Break, no longer distracted from their schoolwork by the excitements of the holiday season.

December's crowded calendar gives way to January's social slump. Video rentals soar as comfy sweats replace glittery dress clothes on Saturday nights.

Take heart! There's another side to January! The freshness of a new, un-scribbled calendar. The clean lines of household furniture, freed from December's tinsel, trash and clutter. The sweet silence of a second cup of coffee after the children mount the school bus. The delicious feeling of energy to spare, energy released, but not expended, by December's holiday frenzy.

Tap that energy to get organized in the new year! In January, we look forward and we look back. January's two faces provide a natural opportunity to accomplish several crucial organizational tasks. Give in to January's offerings, and you'll bear organizational fruit the whole year long.